Saturday, November 04, 2006



Too busy to eat healthy food!
MAke large amoutns of food in the hopes of eating leftovers for the week but get tired of leftovers mid-week!



Shantar said...

Make big things on weekends.. (random curry, soup, yummmmm)... eat til you can't look at it anymore.. freeze the rest in meal-size bits, then start with something new.
(I say this, but my solution generally is frozen dinners.)
Also: superstore has the awesomest tuna burgers, lamb burgers, etc.. fry one up with some tzaziki (sp?) and cucumber.. healthy and best dinner EVAR.

TheSmokyTiger said...

No offence but I find this site to be completely ridiculous.

Anita said...

Thanks SHanley, I'll try that out. Even though my freezer is too packed with rotten bananas.

Smoky Tiger, I guess you just don't appreciate the fine art of cuisine.