Friday, December 04, 2009

Asparagus beet salad with feta

The title is really self explanatory. The results-more divine than words can say.

About ten asparagusses
some roasted beets chopped or canned
red onion
feta cheese
baby spinach (as you can see I am a fan)


2 parts olive oil to one part red wine vinegar
one tablespoon dijon
one tablespoon honey
basil or oregano or both

Good way to roast those asparagusses. Put them under the broiler with a touch of salt for ten minutes. They get all shriveled toasty and delicious.

Lorne and I ate the leftovers of this salad after a spring night at the bar. So cool juicy and refreshing. Beets are the sh%t man.


Yasmin said...

this would also be super delish with goat cheese

wolfBoy said...

i can affirm the deliciousness of this particular dish, as well as many others on this blog.