Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In a Frenzy yet?

Hello all frenzy-ists. I am new to this blog. Some call me Wolfboy, others call me Lorne.

Anita has graciously invited me to join, but I'll be honest. I seldom cook from recipe for myself--usually i just sorta throw stuff together that I've experimented with in the past and I know will work.

I will, however, try to document my experiments for you, and am certainly going to use recipes from here and will post my comments.

I wish I could email all of you some of my low-fat, sugar-free, carob and banana oatmeal cookies.


Anita said...

Hi wolfboy, thanks for joining. I'd be glad to hear about your experiments in the kitchen. What do wolfboy's eat? Deer meat, maybe some moose now and again.

But no seriously, those cookies sound yummy.

renamaphone said...

Can I join too?

I didn't even know this blog existed until now....but I would love to share some of favorite recipes with you guys.

I saw that coffee cake recipe...oh my god I love coffee cake.

Anita said...

Sure you can join! The more cooks the better. What's you email?

That coffee cake is one the best that I've ever tasted.

renamaphone said...

Great! It's reneemassicotte@yahoo.ca

Alan said...

And some call you a douche, which is probably the most accurate description. No one cares about your lame recipes.