Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Garlic burps and farts Hummus

Here's a simple hummus recipe!

A can of chick peas, drained except for a little juice
a few cloves of garlic, minced and slated, and pressed with a fork
tahini, 3-4 tablespoons(a big dallop)
the juice of a lemon
some paprika, the redder the better

dippibles could include pita, toast, veggies, fingers

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nixi said...

Hello all, I am a newie. I got into a bit of a hummus frenzy last year and I plan to write about the results at a later date. It sounds a little like this: Chunky,(onion, chick peas, cilantro and anything else delicious and chunky) creamy, (well this hummus is actually more tahini than chickpeas), spicy (lots of cayenne)and extremely flavorful (fresh ginger)I don't know if just the ordinary hummus appreciator can handle it but I will post it for the hardcore hummus lovers. Its actually an adaptation from a recipe I saw performed in a gallery. The "artist" actually made batches upon batches of hummus for a whole evening. I don't know, but it's an excellent recipe.